Common Questions that we get asked

The avionics software can be split and run on any number of computers.
From a single pc with multiple graphics cards, to multiple networked computers.
The avionics software is optimized for performance, but producing smooth fluid graphics requires computer power, so to use a single pc setup it will have to be a mid-high spec PC :
CPU : i7 or higher
GFX : 1030 or higher
For low-mid spec pc's you should consider splitting the applications across multiple computers.
We currently recommend using Windows 10.

The Avionics use a Server / Client system.
All 'Core' logic is controlled via our central Server application.
Each display is a 'client', which connects and receives data from the main Server application via TCP.

A software licence can be purchased via Flightdeck solutions.
Contact pcos at
Once your purchase has been confirmed, an online activation key will be emailed to you that will register your Server application.
The Server is the Core of the avionics, so only the Server requires activation.

To ensure continued service, the computer running the main Server program needs to connect to the internet once every 30 days for validation.

Without a valid license key the Server runs in Demo mode.
After pressing 'Quick Start' on the Server you will be repositioned to EGLL (London Heathrow).
Demo mode has some limitations....
You can fly within a 100nm radius of EGLL, for up to 50 minutes.
After 50 minutes all data from the Server will be blocked, until the Server is restarted.
You can only run the Captain side avionics... Captain PFD/ND/EICAS/MFD/CDU

If you update you computer you will first need to 'Deactivate' the Server license on your existing computer via the Server menu :
Activation > Deactivate License.

This will release your online key.
You can then reactivate using your original details on your new computer.

Compatible aircraft are available on the Downloads page for P3D.
These aircraft are designed to be flown from 'inside the flightdeck' and the flight dynamics are tuned for accurate flight performance.
Accurate Flight Dynamics take priority and slightly less attention has been applied to the exterior models.

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