Certified to Level 4 by the
Korea Office of Civil Aviation (KOCA)

Length129 ft 6 in (39.5 m)
Wingspan117 ft 5 in (35.8 m)
Envelope41,000 feet (12,497 m) Ceiling, Mach 0.82 MMo
Range2,935 nm (5,436 km)
Thrust27,000 lb

Accurate Displays

All of the main flight displays are included and accurately reproduced in our 787 package.

787-8 and -9 versions are available, along with the option of GE or RR Engines.

The large screen display format is extremely flexible on the 787 and allows the pilot to configure the displays realtime in many different ways to display the correct information at the appropriate time during the flight.

Including fully integrated Flight Management Computer containing all primary FMC functions.

High Fidelity Systems

All of the main 787 background systems are included in our core systems.

The 787 is an extremely advanced aircraft and we have included many of the details found in the 787 system logic.

Includes :
EICAS System
NORMAL Electronic Checklist
Fly By Wire System
Full Display switching
Multiple Independent Cursor Controlled Displayed
Navigation Display - Airport Maps

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