Length209 ft 1 in (63.73 m)
Wingspan199 ft 11 in (60.93 m)
Envelope43,000 feet (12,497 m) Ceiling, Mach 0.84 Cruise
Range5,240 nm (9,700 km)
EngineGE90 / Trent 800
Thrust93,700 lb

Accurate Displays

All of the main flight displays are included and accurately reproduced in our 777 package.
Including fully integrated Flight Management Computer containing all primary FMC functions.
Dual Pilot and Observer CDU support is available with Dual Seat licenses.

High Fidelity Systems

All of the main 777 background systems are included in our core systems.

Includes :
EICAS System
NORMAL Electronic Checklist
Fly By Wire System

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